Most individuals think of a contract as a highly complicated legal instrument which is only necessary for the most complicated business relationship. Although contracts are sometimes complicated, you may want to consider that a contract is one of the most effective methods to protect your interests, especially in what many consider the simple business situations. If you think about it, we often have questions about something as small as the sale price (or quality) of an item at the store. A good contract is like an insurance policy against confusion and may even protect against losing a good business relationship or friend. Essentially, a good contract provides a clear understanding about what can, and cannot be done within a relationship or business transaction.

Among other things, contracts are important in relationships between landlord and tenant (lease agreements), between buyers and sellers for the sale of goods, and between individuals lending or borrowing money. Without a clear and binding contract you may find that you have exposed yourself to liability or obligations you did not anticipate.

Mr. Sommer has experience in drafting and reviewing existing contracts to ensure his clients know their rights and responsibilities. If you draft your own contracts, it is essential that you have an attorney review the document to ensure the instrument will be enforceable, meets the statutory requirements, and contains sufficient protection for your interests.

If you would like to have a contract drafted, or if you have concerns about getting out of a contract, modifying a contract, or simply wish to have a contract reviewed before you sign, please feel free to contact our office for an appointment.

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